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ImPACT Baseline Testing

Concussion Baseline Testing Information

Madison Christian Sports Medicine utilizes ImPACT testing to baseline student athletes. ImPACT stands for Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing. It is a neurocognitive assessment completed online in the computer lab at school.

The ImPACT Test captures neurocognitive function: attention span/time, working memory, reaction time, and non-verbal problem solving.  It obtains this information in a "non injured/non-concussed" state to know what you/your child's brain functioning would be like in a "normal" state. If he/she were to sustain a concussion, he/she would take the exam again during the recovery, and the physician would compare the post-injury results to the baseline results.

ImPACT baseline testing is free to Madison Christian athletes due to the partnership with OhioHealth Sports Medicine. In order to keep up with the latest research and best practices in the management of concussions we are recommending that athletes should have a baseline every 2 years.  For logistical reasons the sports medicine staff will test or re-test all Freshman and Juniors. Any other athletes that are new to the school/sport or do not have a baseline with us that is less than 2 years old can be tested at any time.

** For the 2018-2019 school year, the goal is to get any student-athlete, regardless of grade, baseline tested. Starting 2019-2020 year, the cycle of testing all 7th, 9th, and 11th graders only (and those who have never tested) will begin. Meaning, if your child is currently a 6th, 8th, or 10th grader currently, they will be asked to take the baseline test again next year. You or your child may decline to be tested, but they will not have the opportunity to test again for 2 more years. **

At Madison Christian School, testing sessions are scheduled around sport schedules at the very beginning of each season. Those times and days are visible on the Athletic Trainer calendar. Please contact Amanda Sampsel at to coordinate a time for you or your student athlete to complete a baseline test if he/she is unable to take during a scheduled time each season.

To know if it is time to re-take a baseline test, log in to final forms. There will be a “brain” icon next to the physical expiration icon. If the number next to the brain symbol says “0,” it means it is time for a new baseline test. See below for image example:

For additional information on ImPACT Testing, please visit



Monday 3/18/19

  • 3:30 - Middle School T&F
  • 4:15 - Middle School Baseball
  • 6:00 - High School Baseball

Tuesday 3/19/19

  • 3:45 - Middle School AND High School Softball
  • 5:00 - High School T&F
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